OZ-MAK company stepped in commerce field in 1998 by producing bag cutting machines in Topçular Kışla Caddesi Apek Üretmen İş Merkezi A Blok No:117 Rami / İstanbul.OZ-MAK has achieved its aim, which was being one of the best manufacturing companies in its sector, by creating OZ-MAK brand in a short time, producing high quality products, providing service to its customers and satisfying them.

In 2002, OZ-MAK laid on an area of 2000 square meters in Ferhatpaşa Caddesi Yeni Doğan Mah. No:28 Bayrampaşa / İstanbul, in order to widen its production capacity after introducing its products to world market in 1998, and increasing the demand to its products from Turkey and abroad.It became able to expand its production by developing its technologic system after moving to the new area. As well as opening a showroom to provide spare parts and the satisfactive service to its costumers.

OZ-MAK Company increased its income in 2001 by the sales it achieved to Turkey and abroad, and became the 9th of paying sales tax of Rami Tax Office, thus its has an important role in its countries improvement.After 2002, OZ-MAK began working for institutionalization, and got necessary production certificates of abroad sales from many countries.After making what’s necessary for being institutional and aiming to expand its market at the other hand, OZ-MAK now has agencies in 14 countries. It contributed in the economy of its country by selling bag cutting and sealing machines to 61 countries worldwide and 39 regions in turkey.

As for the current aim of OZ-MAK company, it is to expand its market by participating in domestic and international fairs, complete its institutionalization process, producing technological machines, improve the quality of its products and service according to its costumers demand.

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İletişim / Contact

+90 212 534 55 55 (pbx)
+90 212 671 89 29
+90 212 671 08 55
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İstanbul Fabrika / Fabric

İkitelli O.S.B. Mah. Milas Cad. No:13
Başakşehir-İstanbul / Türkiye

Tekirdağ Fabrika / Fabric

Fabrika / Tekirdağ / Ergene
Velimeşe O.S.B. Mah. Barajyolu Kümeevler
No: 65 Ergene / Tekirdağ